Great food, always fresh

We have the perfect recipe to satisfy your appetite for food and fun. Our pizzas are made fresh, never frozen. We use only the freshest ingredients and toppings, and oven-bake each pizza to order. At our salad bar, we offer fresh items to make a salad just the way you like it. Plus, we offer other great options like oven-baked sandwiches and mouthwatering buffalo wings.

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Value Deals

Pizza dough made fresh in-house, never frozen, topped with our own tomato herb sauce, freshly shredded mozzarella cheese and your choice of great meat and vegetable toppings.

1 Medium Pizza, 2 Soft Drinks: 15 Tokens

1 Large Pizza, 3 Soft Drinks: 40 Tokens

1 Large Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks: 80 Tokens

1 Large Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks: 130 Tokens

* all pizzas are 1-topping


Individual, Medium, Large, or XL sizes available

Super Combo
Mushroom, Red Onions, Green Bell Pepper, Tomato, Olives, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, and Sausage

All-Meat Combo
Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, and Bacon

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Sauce, Chicken strips, and Sausage with hint of Ranch

Mushrooms, Red Onions, Green Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, and Black Olives

Local Chamorro Favorite
Spicy Pork Chorizo and Bacon bits over country gravy sauce



Fresh Salad Bar
A selection of fresh-cut vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses, plus pasta salads, dressings, croutons and other toppers.

Cheesy Breadsticks
Pizza dough with garlic spread and freshly shredded mozzarella served with warm pizza sauce and ranch dressing.

Buffalo Wings
Choose from traditional bone-in chicken wings, or boneless bites served plain, with sriracha sauce, Buffalo sauce, or BBQ sauce. Small, Family, and Party size orders available, and may be ordered with rice.

Large Basket of Fries
Oven-baked French fries lightly salted and served with ketchup and ranch dressing.

Sampler, Veggie, and Sandwich


Sandwiches and Sides

Ciabatta Sub Sandwiches
Chicken, Ham & Cheese, Italian

Hot Dog

Chicken Nuggets
Kiddie and Regular size



Hersheys Chocolate or Vanilla Buttermilk

Birthday Cake (small)

Birthday Cake (large)

Giant Cookie

Cinnamon Pizza


Cotton Candy

Regular Cup

Kiddie Cup

Collector's Cup

(Free refills every visit)